Shooting Seagull (demo)

by The Shooting Seagull's

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Recorded at Horse-Drawn Studio in Chicago, Illinois; Artwork by Marisa Rempala.


released November 20, 2016

Shooting Seagull is: Vince Carroll- Acoustic Guitar/Vocals, Matt Parker- Bongo, Charles Dabbs- Electric Bass. All songs written by Vince Carroll.



all rights reserved


Shooting Seagull Kalamazoo, Michigan

Eleven song album out in 2 months

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Track Name: Little Jewish Basketball Team, An Ounce of Weed
I dunk that o in a half filled metal pot, Add a couple sticks of butter and I'm off to find a spot, To sit for five hours this is a long tedious process, Think about a lot but know I shouldn't obsess.
Content screaming through another radio, Make an incision in my brain and I'll be down to go, Where you want girl i wish you were for sale, I'm innocent and yr bloodlust in the same damn cell.
Eyes closed mine haven't been listening, Not since I heard a dr scold my mum while she was crying, He told her "stay safe for me overpopulation is a crisis," Four more behind into the void at least glad i heard his advice
Track Name: Leo
Just me and you on opposite sides of the planet, i'll be yr stoner if y'l leave me a loner?
My positions unique, These girls ecstatic what i bring; Lived above a legal grow op, And if yr looking I can hook you up.
Kaleidoscopes climbing in my eyes like spiders, the word love today has found a definition.
Really Well times been playing tricks on my eyes, Really Well there are shadows dancing before me a night, Really Well i didn't mean to hurt yr flings
Don't wanna tell mum i wet the bed gonna be self sufficient one day i'll be omnipresent
Track Name: Bruh
Some dude called me a bitch and I fell down Steady on my feet got an ounce up in a bag Red-Gold teeth bruh quit chewing on the glass Rolled that bud into a blunt I ain't even gotta sag
We were talking the years before Frozen was a fad Whatever you say that girl bad Little baby mistress wouldn't forget to feed us.
Fuck it I'm on the way over About to waste yr time Been busy focused on end rhymes Sally, I miss you, Marisa
Track Name: Neuro-Restorative (Acoustic)
I've seen better days and worse too Feelings to the side think this is something i can do Weeks flying by weekend not much longer Making some friends might have to try a little harder
Brain and body making my acquaintance Future's looking brighter with each new footstep Times are tough life's never gold Chuckling smile won't be tough getting old
Last week thought i reached a peak Now see this new world which can grow from me
Track Name: Stormtrooper pt.1
on a trip off some days what was it about the last time you were around i can't get out my head as if there were anything which could possibly bring me back to yr green planet earth i'm fucked in the head trapped inside a haze and to think they once said our rough type of work never pays well fuck them anyways matter of fact it was no accident the thing with the baseball bat stead though i'll light another cigarette I'll spark my last snack.
Track Name: Stormtrooper pt.2
i know i shouldn't hold my breath disclosing my secrets to anyone really on a trip off some days what was it about the last time you were around i can't get out my head? was it something i said or read god damn it now she's at it again i can't take shit anymore i won't take shit anymore i am normally misunderstood i make sense though i'm ignorant normally i am mal content i make sense but I'm ignorant Normally i am wholly content
Track Name: Stormtrooper pt.4
well would it hurt me to forgive her? seems like all my lifes been a joke on me
Like hey, sometimes i wish i weren't conceived on a cemetery, u and the others just self-fabricating; telling lies which aren't true
Track Name: Stormtrooper pt.43
Who, just for us to believe in what?
An anomaly, set phasers to stun then turn them around